Mid-Season: Week III continues to be a Battle


Welcome back to the Battle League blog, where we bring you the latest updates and highlights from our thrilling basketball pro-am league. The competition is heating up as we enter the third week of the season. With Team jeune and Team Legacy remaining undefeated, and Team griffs securing a commanding win against the league favorites, Abdullah Shittu and team B.D.B, the excitement continues to build. Let's dive into the action-packed events of Week 3 and explore what lies ahead in Week 4.

  1. Team jeune and Team Legacy Dominate:Team jeune and Team Legacy have emerged as the teams to beat this season, both boasting a flawless record of three wins. In Week 3, they showcased their dominance by securing commanding victories. Team jeune faced off against Compound Drive in a high-scoring affair, while Team Legacy left no room for doubt as they triumphed over Team Eagles. The clash between these two undefeated powerhouses in Week 4 at the Expo Arena promises to be an epic battle to determine who will remain at the top.
  2. Team griffs Surprises with a Commanding Win:Team griffs, determined to make their mark in the league, delivered an impressive performance in Week 3. They faced off against the formidable Abdullah Shittu and team B.D.B, widely considered the face of the league. However, Team griffs displayed their skills and teamwork, securing a commanding win and marking their second victory of the season. This unexpected result adds an exciting twist to the league standings and showcases the competitive nature of Battle League.
  3. Team Takeover Seizes First Win:Despite a slow start to the season, Team Takeover finally found their rhythm in Week 3. They faced the reigning champions, team SPKG, in an intense battle. Team Takeover showed resilience and determination as they outperformed their opponents, securing their first win of the season. This victory provides them with much-needed momentum and serves as a launching pad for them to climb the league standings and make a significant impact going forward.


As we wrap up an eventful third week of Battle League, the competition intensifies and the stakes rise higher than ever. With Team jeune and Team Legacy leading the pack with their undefeated records, the upcoming clash between these powerhouses in Week 4 is eagerly anticipated. Additionally, Team griffs' surprising win against Abdullah Shittu and team B.D.B and Team Takeover's breakthrough victory against the reigning champions have set the stage for an unpredictable and thrilling season ahead. Join us next week as we bring you all the action and updates from the Battle League pro-am basketball circuit. Stay tuned!