Team Registration Structure for Season IV

March 10, 2024

Nike Basketball Camp Pro-Am Edmonton

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Join Battle League Pro-Am, the number-one Pro-Am in Alberta! We are accepting registrations for the summer Pro-am league beginning May 25 - August 3, on Saturdays from 4:00 - 9:00 pm for high school elite, collegiate, pro and amateur skill levels. For three seasons, we have been providing a platform for basketball athletes of all skill levels to come together and showcase their talent. From professional, collegiate to high school and amateur players, our league draws participants from all over the city, as well as Calgary, BC, and even the US.

Team Registration Structure

  • Teams must be headlined by Brands
  • Teams must have a title sponsor or jersey sponsor that assumes 50% or 100% of Team registration cost, to ensure a cost effective program for the community.
  • Potential teams must reach out via DM before entering the registration portal.

Season Structure

  • All Star Weekend featuring NBA Athletes & Celebrity Basketball Youtubers
  • Playoffs: Single elimination tournament March Madness style. 1 Guaranteed Game.
  • Feel Like a Superstar With Our Personalized Jerseys & Shorts, Media Day, Weekly Video Highlights, All-Star Events, Nike Merch Giveaways, Championship Tees & Goggles, Champagne Celebrations + More
  • Career Statistics
  • Up to 12 weeks: 7 Guaranteed Games (6 Regular Season & 1 Playoffs)

Game Format:

  • 5on5 FIBA Rules                        
  • 4x10 minute
  • 5 minutes over-time (OT)

Dates & Prices


Dates: Saturdays, May 25th - August 3rd (11 weeks)

Age: 16-40,

Time: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Skill Level: Amateur, Collegiate, High School Elite, & Professional

Price: $3150 + tax per team of 8-12 players


Concordia University Gymnasium & Macewan University