A Blast at Expo Centre! - Week IV Battle League

End of Regular Season - Playoffs Bracket


Welcome back to the Battle League blog, where we bring you the latest updates and highlights from our exhilarating basketball pro-am league. Week 4 was an extraordinary chapter in our season as we played our games at the prestigious Expo Centre, home of the Edmonton Stingers. The grand venue brought an unparalleled level of excitement for both players and spectators alike. To top it off, the electrifying musical performance by renowned rapper 7even7ide7moke added an extra dimension of energy to the already buzzing atmosphere. Let's delve into the thrilling matchups and standout performances that made Week 4 truly unforgettable.

Team Jeune Reigns Supreme in Anticipated Clash:The most anticipated matchup of the week featured two undefeated teams, Team Legacy and Team Jeune, battling it out for supremacy. The game lived up to its hype, providing fans with a riveting contest from start to finish. Team Jeune emerged victorious, remaining undefeated in the regular season. Led by the trio of Madit Leeuth, Awer Awer, and Yasser Abdullahi, Team Jeune displayed their exceptional skills and teamwork, ultimately securing the win and solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in Battle League.

Team SPKG Triumphs in Overtime Thriller:In a thrilling overtime showdown, Team SPKG emerged triumphant against the talented Team B.D.B. Despite Abdullah Shittu's incredible performance, Team B.D.B. fell short against Team SPKG's prowess. The game showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, as they pushed each other to their limits. In the end, it was Team SPKG who prevailed, securing a hard-fought victory and further cementing their status as strong contenders in the league.

Team Takeover Holds off Team Compound Drive-In:Team Takeover faced a tough challenge against Team Compound Drive-In in a closely contested battle. Both teams fought fiercely, leaving everything on the court. Despite an impressive fourth-quarter comeback led by Alberta's high school phenom, Josh Ahayere, Team Compound Drive-In fell short by a mere four points. Team Takeover's tenacity and composure down the stretch allowed them to secure the victory and build on their newfound momentum from the previous week.

Team Eagles Soar to First Win:Team Eagles, led by the dynamic Josh Hamilton, secured their first win of the season in an exciting matchup against Team Griffs. The game was marked by intense competition, with both teams giving their all on the court. Ultimately, Team Eagles' resilience and determination propelled them to a well-deserved victory, igniting the hopes of their fans and setting the stage for their future performances.


Week 4 of Battle League provided an unforgettable experience as we stepped foot into the magnificent Expo Centre, home of the Edmonton Stingers. The electrifying atmosphere, fueled by the exceptional musical performance of renowned rapper 7even7ide7moke, added to the excitement of the games. Team Jeune's triumph over Team Legacy in an anticipated clash solidified their undefeated record, while Team SPKG emerged victorious in a thrilling overtime battle against Team B.D.B. Team Takeover and Team Eagles also showcased their skills, securing important wins that will fuel their ambitions moving forward. As we move into the next chapter of Battle League, the competition intensifies, and the stage is set for more thrilling moments. Join us next week as we bring you the latest updates and highlights from the fast-paced world of Battle League pro-am basketball. Stay tuned!